Blu Yacht Charter Vacations vs Holiday Resorts and Cruise Packages

Comparison Guide to Cruises, All Inclusive Resorts & Private Yacht Charters

Do you dream of feeling the sense of freedom, rejuvenation, exhilaration and awe only accessible on the planet’s most exquisite islands? Perhaps you’re already an avid adventurer, constantly seeking the next frontier in travel. Either way, making the right decision of how to explore each destination is crucial.

For group vacations, cruises and all-inclusives have long been popular go-to's. More and more, however, savvy travelers are opting for private yacht charters, which take freedom and customizable luxury to a whole new level.

Let’s consider, first, what cruises, all-inclusive resorts and yacht charters have in common:

  • Options to suit a range of budgets
  • Options to suit a range of preferences in terms of activities & style
  • Options to suit groups of travelers who have a range of preferences, interests, ages and abilities
  • All-inclusive options for meals, beverages and activities
  • The ease and security of keeping fellow travelers close. Travelers choose to spend time together, or not, with varying flexibility to enjoy the activities they choose, when they choose.

Among the three options compared, at first glance, all offer similar features and benefits. The overall experience, however, is dramatically different depending on which option you choose.

For us, a private crewed yacht is the ultimate VIP all-access pass for exploring new destinations, especially islands. Here are a few reasons why.

Exclusivity, Privacy and Customization

While there is a substantial range of cruise ships and itineraries to choose from, once you select a cruise, the itinerary is set. And you can count on sharing your experience with all sorts of unpredictable strangers from your ship.

If you choose to stay at resorts, excursions to explore and experience what destinations have to offer means a whole new set of planning (work) and expenses. And potentially a whole new set of unpredictable strangers to share paradise with.

On a cruise or at a resort, you have no control over the other guests.

On a completely private crewed yacht charter, you have an abundance of yachts to choose from. You hand-pick the yacht and crew you want. You choose the company you wish to share your vacation with. You decide where and when you want to go.

Yacht charters eliminate large groups, lines, crowds, other people’s schedules or agendas, etc. from the equation.

"When you compare all the costs of going on a cruise vs the cost of chartering, you get far better value for your dollar"

Let’s be honest. Sometimes our whims shift like the wind. Spot an island off in the distance that looks like it’s beckoning you personally from a cruise ship? Kiss it goodbye. On a yacht charter, simply tell your Captain, and you’re on your way. Hear about an amazing party that is happening or that the surf swell just came in on a nearby island. On a private yacht, you can change course. No problem.

Yacht crew are not only the guardians of paradise but also incredible tour guides, taking you off the beaten path and showing you the secret gems of the islands the masses logistically cannot experience. Would you rather swim with dolphins in captivity, or would you rather swim with them in their natural habitat? On a cruise, no chance. Staying at a resort, again, logistics, planning, and additional cost come into play.

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What many people don’t imagine about yacht charters is that it’s all happening right on or just off of your floating hotel, while exploring different islands, bays and beaches. And the options are endless. Charter yachts have “tenders” (smaller motorized boats) used for towing people for watersports and quickly reaching land or other locations at sea. So it’s simply faster to travel around, making more fun possible. SCUBA diving and diving certification courses can be arranged directly from your private yacht.

And not only do you pick your yacht - you also pick your crew, based on their qualifications, culinary specialties, talents, reviews, languages spoken, age or niche’s they specialize in catering to. Today, many crew have additional qualifications that can add incredible value to your experience. You can find sommeliers, yoga instructors, massage therapists, fitness instructors, adventure/nature photographers, kitesurfing instructors, sailing instructors and raw foods specialists, just to name a few, making all those extra activities possible during your private crewed yacht charter. Literally, your crew can be selected to align with your group’s unique interests and needs.

Seahome Yacht Crew & Guests

Private Crewed Yachts offering VIP Treatment 24/7

Which leads us to the next very important point; food, beverage and activity preferences. On a private crewed yacht charter, you have a private chef (or several) prepared to customize each meal and beverage to your preferences and whims. The menu is flexible. The timing is flexible. The quality and type of food and beverages is flexible. And don’t forget that private yachts offer a more intimate level of service than cruises and resorts, 24/7, as there are typically 2-4 crew for every 2-12 guests.

For larger groups, cruises and all-inclusive resorts might seem like the obvious choice. However, yacht charters can accommodate groups on multiple yachts. In industry jargon, this is referred to as a “tandem charter”. That means boats of various sizes and charter rates can be organized to travel together, flotilla style. All the benefits of a yacht charter, but with the added benefit of making it possible for larger groups to access pristine, remote destinations cruise ships are simply too large to reach.

Tandem Yacht-Chartersin the Virgin Islands

Tandem Yacht Charter at Treasure Point, BVI

Safety & Security

Travel stirs up concerns about safety and security for many people today. Protecting your peace of mind is of critical importance while traveling, as you’re probably traveling to fulfill your need to relax.

Traveling with less people overall, and people you know, is an easy way to reduce risks of exposure to others who may be ill or have malicious intentions. Furthermore, traveling with crew who know the areas you’re traveling in well -- in other words, they know the environmental risk factors and how to minimize them, as well as the local healthcare resources in the event of emergencies -- is another excellent risk management strategy. Crew are also required by law to maintain current safety and first aid credentials.

Some people have concerns about getting seasick or being able to cope with rough seas. Never fear. The top sailing destinations are popular because of their abundance of flat, calm and protected bays where watersports, diving, basking in the sun and anchoring overnight are a pure joy.

The biggest selection of charter yachts today are catamarans, which are extremely stable due to their twin hulls. Larger motor yachts typically have built-in stabilizers that provide unexpected comfort at sea.

Environmental Factors

The weather in your destination is a prime consideration. You’ll want to consider what your group will do in the case of foul weather. On a private yacht, you may have the opportunity to change course to seek out sunnier skies or calmer bays.

If that’s not the best solution, you can spend as much time anywhere ashore as you’d like. Your crew will act as your concierges to ensure you continue to have the best time possible. Personally, we love rainy days for relaxing to the rhythm of the sea while spending quality time with our people and catching up on our favorite books, music and movies.

On a cruise ship you may find indoor activities - shows, casinos, game rooms, fitness classes, spas, etc. You may find similar options at an all-inclusive, or far fewer, depending on what type of resort you select. However, again, you’ll be stuck with all those other people complaining about the weather...

If you opt for a sailing yacht vs. a motor yacht, you’re succeeding in making a decision that considerably lessens your environmental footprint. As travelers, it’s our duty to consider our impacts on the local communities and biodiversity we visit.

Wind is an excellent renewable resource. Turning the motors off and using sail power instead of diesel and fuel is the best way to ensure the extraordinary ecosystems you discover are there for your great grandchildren to discover and cherish, too.

For those of you who seek the most environmentally responsible options, there are yachts that go to great lengths to use environmentally friendly products - from the sheets on your bed to cleaning products.

Some crew cultivate relationships with local businesses so that you can taste the most authentic local culture and know your tourism investment provides local benefits.

Yacht Charters are Your Best Bet If You’re After:

  • 24-7 customized service
  • Flexibility (to go wherever you want and to do whatever you want, anytime)
  • Minimizing distractions from other travelers
  • Maximizing your time in, on and under the sea
  • Minimizing risks in terms of health, safety and security
  • Exploring islands and their communities, bays, cays and reefs that are only accessible by shallow draft boats

Cruises and all-inclusive resorts continue to be a safe bet for travelers preferring to keep their feet on solid ground or who are content to spend most of their time indoors, poolside or in the confines of their resort or cruise ship.

Curious and excited to learn more about private crewed yacht charters in the destinations you are most excited about? Contact brokers@blucharters today for a complimentary no-obligation consultation and quotation to find your perfect match of yacht & crew!

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