Join Your Friends, Family or Colleagues on a Luxurious Yacht in the Caribbean

Here's your chance to charter a yacht in paradise at a fraction of the normal cost!

Hello friends! Santa let us know it doesn’t matter if you’ve been naughty or nice, he wants everyone to have peace and joy in their lives this holiday season. So take out your lists, scratch off the silly sweaters and techy toys, and put DREAM VACATION at the top.

We have fantastic specials now through the New Year up to $6000.00 off, but you need to act now! 

Time is running out my friends...

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For as little as $2000 per person you could be chilling with your family, friends or colleagues in the Caribbean on an all inclusive luxurious crewed yacht at super low prices.

We’re talking more than $1K per person discount in some cases. There are only a few yachts offering these extraordinary deals during the hottest season of the year, so there is no time to waste. Head to our specials page now!

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Decide who should join you on a yacht in the Caribbean this festive season

Tis the season! Sharing is caring (so go ahead, share with your friends and family and convince them to sail the Caribbean with you). There’s never been a time like the present to honor your FOMO and live the dream of a luxury yacht vacation in the Caribbean.

(tag friends or family members to let them know you want them to join you on this trip)

Happy Sailing!

From the Blu Charters Team

Blucharters Last Minute Yacht Charter Deals for the Festive Season
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