Top 9 Reasons a Caribbean Honeymoon on a Private Yacht Will Blow Your Mind

David Hanson Photographer - Anegada Reef Dock

I woke up recently at 4 a.m. to my boyfriend trying to sneakily measure my finger for my ring size in my sleep with a sharpie and a phone cord. Subtle, isn’t he?

So now he’s got me thinking about things like where we could unite our friends and family who are spread out all over the planet for a wedding, who designs dresses for people less than 5” tall, and (my favorite part) honeymoon options.

Thinking about the most important criteria for choosing the perfect honeymoon made me realize just how perfect a crewed yacht charter is for a honeymoon. Here’s why:

✓ Extraordinariness (after all, a honeymoon is a celebration of a lifetime)
✓ Activities
✓ Environmental and social impact
✓ Food
✓ Cost/Value for money
✓ Explore multiple new destinations

So for all you lovebirds out there who are madly in love and preparing to tie the knot, if your honeymoon criteria looks anything like mine, I suggest you read on.

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1. Extraordinariness: Your honeymoon is your chance to celebrate your most intimate hopes and dreams together. It must deliver the settings for your ultimate romance and deepest connections to unfold. A honeymoon should pose a challenge for all future travel together to live up to. It’s a guilt-free splurge to be cherished for a lifetime.

2. Romance: Has anybody not seen the Titanic? Few settings evoke the feelings of romance better than a couple alone together on the bow of a boat. It’s not hard to imagine the sense of freedom, excitement and the desire to hold each other tightly that setting stirs up. Savoring aphrodisiacs like succulent local Caribbean lobsters and passion fruit cocktails will help take you over the edge.

3. Privacy: You’ll have a yacht to yourselves, with a captain and crew to take you wherever you wish to go while serving you whatever you’d like, whenever you’d like it. Some yachts even feature luxury amenities like on deck or in-suite jacuzzis, certified sommeliers or on board yoga or fitness instructors and massage therapists.

4. Climate: Radiant sunshine, sunsets, sunrises, stargazing, rainbows… while at sea, the infinite blue of the sky and the ocean are your constant backdrop. No matter the time of day or the weather, you two get to count on being awestruck by the beauty surrounding you. Most days of the year you can count on temperatures between 75-90 F by day, and nights cool enough to sleep with the hatches open, blissfully content as the sea breeze caresses your skin. In the rare event it rains for more than a few minutes, well then, your cabin awaits for you to (ahem) rest up after the exhaustion of the wedding and everything.

5. Activities: Swim, snorkel, SCUBA, stand up paddle board, sail, sleep under the stars, sunbathe… a yacht charter facilitates so many splendid activities that begin with “S”… Can you tell I’m having fun writing this yet? Essentially, what you’ll find is a harmonious balance of fun, freedom and relaxation. The Virgin Islands also offer nature and adventure enthusiasts, music lovers, foodies and beach partiers excellent options. You get time to relax and connect, play and laugh, unleash some serious adrenaline together and get a little sweaty– and those are the types of activities proven to build the most romance between couples.

6. Environmental & Social Impact: For me, this one is vital. Choosing a sailing yacht (that sails over motors whenever possible) that is committed to using biodegradable products on board, sourcing as many local products as possible, taking guests to eat and drink at local establishments, exploring national parks and historical ruins to support conservation and understand the history and learning about the reefs and sea life makes for a wonderfully low impact, high value honeymoon.

7. Value for Money: Somehow, honeymooning on a private crewed yacht in the Caribbean remains a best-kept secret. There are loads of articles online about many of the Caribbean islands as top honeymoon destinations. However, upon arrival, honeymooners quickly realize that the true allure of the region is best experienced from sea. They then end up spending top dollar on day boats packed with strangers and their kids only to be rushed and crowded as they explore the highlights. A private crewed yacht charter offers the comforts and convenience of an all-inclusive hotel, with the benefits of the activities, amenities and extras honeymooners end up paying for separately already included. No need to think twice about an extra snorkel, dive, waterskiing lesson, or trip to another island. It’s all included 24/7 on a private crewed yacht charter, making the value for money hard to beat. The average luxury honeymoon costs $9,954 for 11 days, a comparable cost to honeymoon specials many yachts offer.

8. Food: Newlyweds, you’ll have the rest of their lives to worry about preparing meals that meet both of your preferences, and going out and deciding who will pick up the bill. For your honeymoon, let your personal onboard chef worry about satisfying your every whim. Then you get to relax with the peace of mind that your food and beverages onboard are covered well before you set sail. If you’re adventurous foodies, you may want to choose a ½ board option (which means some of your meals will be on board and some on shore). Your crew will be your personal concierges, ensuring you get to experience the best restaurants and bars in the region — an advantage you’ll never experience staying on land on just one island.


9. Exploring Multiple Destinations: No need to feel torn between St. Thomas, St. John, Virgin Gorda or Jost van Dyke. On a private crewed yacht charter, you can visit them all at your leisure. And you can explore remote, charming Anegada, luxurious Peter Island, bohemian Cooper Island, and pay a visit to the legendary Willy T’s and Soggy Dollar, if you wish, too. Dreaming of a beach for just the two of you? Your crew will take you there. Prefer dancing all night with a crowd? They’ll take you there, too.

Now, if anyone can share a better honeymoon idea with us based on the above criteria, please let us know.